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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Privacy Fence Installation

For Houston residents, having a sense that your home is your castle is a very important factor for property owners. However, with such a wide range of housing conditions throughout the greater Houston areas, some properties can require a little help in actually achieving this tranquility.

At JohnSon Fence Ltd., we have come to find that the use of privacy fencing is growing trend in the area.

Privacy fences can fall into a number of other subcategories, from wood and vinyl fencing to natural vegetation. This also makes it very easy for us to evaluate a property and come up with a fencing solution that will meet all needs.

Privacy fencing can apply to:

Visual obstruction

This can often include tall vinyl fencing, solid wood fencing, and trellis installations that support thick shrub growth.

Auditory obstruction

Whether it is noisy neighbors or the sound of a nearby freeway, residents can also look into privacy fences, especially vinyl ones, that will also act as sound barriers.

Physical obstruction

Of course, trespassing is another invasion of privacy that can be avoided with good fending. Wood fences in tall and solid styles can achieve this, and also provide other privacy benefits.

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Services And Cost To Install Privacy Fence

The cost to install privacy fence can vary greatly, but at JohnSon Fence Ltd., we are also able to accommodate the budget of any residential or commercial property owner.

Factors that will impact the cost to install privacy fence include:

  • Fencing material that is used
  • The size of the enclosure
  • Adjunct fencing, such as gates
  • Whether the privacy fence is a sectional replacement or a full install

As these factors will impact the cost to install a privacy fence, we will also go over all the options for service and cost that can be considered.

This can include evaluating the stability and function of existing fencing to see if a sectional replacement is appropriate.

In many cases, we can simply add pieces of new privacy fencing in strategic places in order to obstruct lines of visual sight.

In consulting with our clients, we also go over the materials and styles that would be best for their needs.

The result is that clients are able to gain the privacy they need, whether it is visual, auditory, or physical, and they are able to do so in a stylish and practical manner.