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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Spring, Texas

For residents in Spring, Texas, fence installations can make great improvements in the property value and the comfort level of the people living there.

At JohnSon Fence Ltd., we have done extensive work throughout the neighborhoods in Spring, including commercial and municipal work around the preserves.

While developers and town agents have benefitted greatly with our installations for chain link fencing and split rail ranch style fences, resident have also found greater comfort in their yards with a Spring, Texas, fence installation company.

On many properties we have installed wood fencing and privacy fences, especially in some of the denser subdivisions.

However, since we work with clients to find custom solutions to their needs, we have also done deck and trellis installations for a number of residential properties.

Commercial property owners across the Spring area have worked with us in installing wrought iron fences and driveway gates for apartment complexes and gated communities.  This not only enhances the value of the property, it also gives residents greater peace of mind in their homes.
Existing and potential customers are always invited to contact us.  By filling out information on the contact us web page, you can also be put on our emailing list.  This will provide alerts as to any special offers that are going on, and can also provide discount coupons for future work.

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Services For A Spring, Texas, Fencing Installation Company

As a locally based fencing and decking company, JohnSon Fence Ltd. offers services to all of the Spring, Texas, region. This allows us to provide quality fencing, deck, and trellis installations for both residential and commercial customers throughout this area.

Although we do fence installations for all of the Spring region, we also serve the rest of Houston and its outlying areas. As a result, even customers who are in between subdivisions can still get the service they require from a Spring, Texas, fencing installation company.

For both residential and municipal needs, we have also been highly active in communities throughout the region. In servicing this area of Spring, privacy fencing that also acts as a sound barrier has been greatly in use, in an effort to improve the living conditions in these developments. As a result, our ability to serve all of Houston still makes us a prime choice for a Spring, Texas, fencing installation company. We are always prompt and courteous in our services, with custom designs to fit your property space, and free estimates regarding any work that is considered.