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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


The Woodlands, Texas

The highly residential and open suburban street plan of much of The Woodlands does make it one of the prime places to live in the Houston area.

This also means that along with residential homes that may be either close together or more spread out, there are also areas where commercial development for more housing is in progress. Clients who sign up on our contact page can also receive emails for discounts and other special offers that we may be running.

JohnSon Fence Ltd. is locally based out of neighboring Tomball, and has served customers in The Woodlands for over a decade.

This has allowed us to build strong relationships that have also led to impressive home improvements.

Wrought iron fence installation and wood fence installation are some of the most common services we are asked to do in The Woodlands, along with repairs to any existing fencing.

Many times, these projects will also involve custom fencing for patios and pools, as well as driveway gate and operator installations.

Commercially, many developers in The Woodlands are using wrought iron fencing and driveway gates and operators on complex perimeters.

Schools and parks in this area also use our services for the installation of chain link fences around these spaces.

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Services For The Woodlands, Texas, Fence Installation Company

Although The Woodlands is a well sized and spread out area, we do service all customers within this region. We understand that as The Woodlands, Texas, fence installation company, JohnSon Fence Ltd. is also highly committed to helping maintain quality of life and property through additions such as fencing, driveway gates, and trellises.

Our attention to The Woodlands does also range from residential needs to commercial or municipal fence installations.

In covering the entirety of The Woodlands, that also means that JohnSon Fence Ltd. is able to service public playgrounds and lots in the region.

The result is that up to date and sturdy fencing can ensure the safety of children and all residents in The Woodlands.

We also do a lot of projects with public works in The Woodlands, in an effort to preserve natural beauty and make these areas safe and inviting for visitors. Along with the community enhancements that are afforded through being the first-called The Woodlands, Texas, fence installation company, JohnSon Fence Ltd. also supports community betterment through helping homeowner find greater visual attraction and relaxation on their properties.