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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


NW Houston

Northwest Houston covers a wide range of property types that can benefit from good fencing.

As a Northwest Houston fence installation company, JohnSon Fence Ltd. is well aware of the diverse neighborhoods for this region of the city.

Residential properties range from suburban stylings with fair sized yards, to row houses and apartment and housing complexes.


Beyond this, Northwest Houston also has a large park that requires municipal maintenance. This creates a number of situations where a Northwest Houston fence installation company can come in handy.

Much of our experience in Northwest Houston does involve wooden fence installation. This can be repairs to suburban properties, as well as new installations including privacy fences.

Some of our work is also on vinyl fences for row houses, as these present a cost effective way of producing the look of a white picket fence.

On the larger side of fence installations, we have also done considerable work with installations on ranch style fencing and decks.

These additions have been for both commercial and residential properties, and for homeowners, we can customize decks to fit the space allotted.

Further commercial need for a Northwest Houston fence installation is with driveway gates and operators for the larger apartment and housing complexes.

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Services In Northwest Houston

For Northwest Houston fence installations, JohnSon Fence Ltd. serves the entire region. This also means that we are able to attend to any client within this region, even if it is just for an assessment and estimate.


In being able to service all of Northwest Houston, we are also able to become well versed with housing codes for certain areas.

As a result, we can also streamline the decision making process for customers by providing choices that are already within the codes for the housing association. This can greatly facilitate the process for installation, and can also ensure that no undue alterations need to be made.

Extending our services throughout the greater Houston region also means that with Northwest Houston fence installations, JohnSon Fence Ltd. is able to help in making sure that public lands are safe for visitors, while estate properties are also well delineated from the surrounding lands, for both safety and protection, with a touch of style.