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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Chain Link Fence Installation

While privacy can be important to any Houston resident, security and protection of property most certainly is.

At JohnSon Fence Ltd., we have installed a number of chain link fences for both residential and commercial properties. This versatile style of fencing can be extremely functional and sturdy, but can also be a good addition to ensure safety.

Many homes in the Houston area have been installing chain link fences as a safety precaution with pets that go outdoors.

These fences make good barriers that are not visually obstructive.  Installing chain link fence also does not have to encompass the entire yard.  Houston residents will frequently have small areas of the property fenced in as a dog run.

Our commercial clients also benefit from installing chain link fences, especially on:

  • Construction sites
  • Vacant lots
  • Restoration and mechanics yards
  • Private or members only parks
  • Municipal lots and school yards

These types of installations can also be permanent or temporary fencing structures, which make for greater versatility in creating a strong barrier on properties.

When it comes installing chain link fences, Houston residents should always go with a professional, as this will ensure the stability and balance of the fence.

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Services For Installing Chain Link Fences

For residential or commercial and institutional installations, the needs of the client can be very different.

On residential properties, we can help in determining property lines and obtaining permits, but we are also present to assess and measure in order to provide an estimate.

During installation, we ensure that no underground services are interrupted, and we will sink posts into concrete, if this is needed for support.

Residential customers will also have choices on gates, should they go for a complete enclosure.

Commercial installations can include:

Temporary installations

These temporary chain link fence installations use high quality steel mesh and posts that are designed to sit on the surface of the ground.

They can be easily erected, and still offer good property protection through the strength and weight of the chain link fence.

Permanent installations

With commercial properties, we ensure to sink all of the posts into concrete.

This will include jack hammering through asphalt or concrete in order to set the fence. Further bolting will also reinforce the structure.

Security installation

Security chain link fence installation will include all the considerations of permanent installations, but will also include stylistic additions that are applicable to security measures.

Angled top bars and barbed wire are just some of the additions we offer.