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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Deck And Lattice Installation

For Houston residents, part of owning a nice property is also to be able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Along with fencing, JohnSon Fence Ltd. also handles the design and construction deck and lattice installation on both commercial and residential properties.

For many people, the addition of a quality deck can greatly enhance the outdoor experience.  This includes:

  • • Outdoor decks
  • • Decks for in or above ground pools
  • • Decks for picnic enclosures
  • • Sun decks
In a residential setting, an outdoor deck can easily add square footage to the home, increasing the ability for homeowners to enjoy a better lifestyle. This can greatly aid in entertaining, but can also lead to relaxing breakfasts or dinners with the family in the fresh air.

Municipal properties also make good use of deck installations, as these can create appropriate rest and shade areas in public parks. The deck configurations lead to greater longevity of the structure, but also greater comfort for the public who use the facilities.

While decks add an obvious dimension to the home, lattice installations can also benefit comfort and outdoor enjoyment.

This can include lattice work that is used to support vegetative fencing, but also includes arbors and overhead lattice work that can act as a sun screen or a vine support.

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Deck And Lattice Installation Services

JohnSon Fence Ltd. recognizes that every property will have different stylistic and practical visions for the deck installation that is desired.

Since many properties in the Houston area do have irregular shapes, this can also make deck installations a positive challenge.

In consulting with clients about a deck installation, we will:

  • Go over functional requirements for the structure
  • Survey the property site and both evaluate and measure the space
  • •Confer with clients regarding design factors that are applicable for the space
  • Finalize a custom design that works for all factors involved
This process lets us find the best fit for any space that requires a deck.

In conducting the deck installation, we will lay any necessary foundation to ensure support and stability to the deck, and then we will install the deck based on the choices for wood, color, and finish that the customer has chosen.

Our quality materials are weather treated so that the natural beauty of the different woods can show through.

These installations can also be customized, to suit your style. These types of design perks are just one of the benefits of having a deck installation done with JohnSon Fence Ltd.