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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Driveway Gates And Operator Installation

At JohnSon Fence Ltd., we also work with both residential and commercial clients for driveway gates and operator installations.

Many private residences enjoy the extra security and the touch of flair that an attractive and functional driveway gate can offer.

These can be used on shorter drives, especially where the carport is directly off the driveway, as this provides stronger security for both inhabitants and the property.

Driveway gates for sale for larger entryways can also make an impressive visual contribution to the property. Along with simply ornate iron and steel driveway gates, custom models that include family crests, ranch designations, or even monograms can also be used for these applications.

Although the use of an operator can be applicable with any gate, driveways where the gate is near a half mile from the actual home should also consider the installation of a remote or on-site operator.

If the driveway gate ever needs repairs our manufacturer All-Gates will be contacted to fix it.

Commercial clients also make strong use of the driveway gates for sale that JohnSon Fence Ltd. offers to customers.

These decorative security gates are popular for many apartment and housing complexes, as they also ensure that residents are more protected through limited gate access.

These are also situations where an adjunct operator installation can greatly improve the value and desirability of the process.

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Services For Driveway Gates And Operator Installation


The process of installing the driveway gates for sale that we offer through JohnSon Fence Ltd. can vary in complexity, dependent upon existing structures on the perimeter. However, along with a cost estimate for labor and parts, we also provide our customers with a timeline estimate so they can trust the work is completed on time.

Concrete pillars

Some Houston properties may have existing perimeter fencing or at least have concrete pillars at the base of the driveway. For these installations, we safely drill out the existing structure so that we can sink the gate bolts into the concrete. Once these are fastened and the gate is functional, clients can also decide on manual operation or an installed operator.

Existing fencing

Depending on the material of the existing fencing, we can often simply attach the driveway gate to the existing boundary.

This is especially true is the existing fence is wrought iron, although extra support measures for some material will need to be taken.

Operator installation

This can vary from a remote access operator to one where a code needs to be entered into the gate keypad. However, in either case the hydraulic operator allows the gate to open without the client leaving the vehicle. Operators will need to be well stabilized, and this may require the construction of concrete pillars to support the mechanisms.