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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Farm Fence/ Ranch Style Installation

At JohnSon Fence Ltd., we handle a lot of fence installations for rural homes and working ranches as well as residential estates. Farm fence installation can be applicable in a variety of settings, including:

  • • Around grazing pastures
  • • For pens and paddocks
  • • Along park trails
  • • As a border for homes

With both the practical and the visual aspect as a consideration, this also makes farm fence installation appropriate for both commercial and residential properties.

Along with farm fence installations, we can also assist with repairs to existing fencing, either through replacing worn rails and posts, or through reinstalling sections of the fence.

In cases where the decorative effect is highly necessary, such as on horse farms, we are also able to seamlessly match fences for a cohesive look. Call us for a free quote.

The majority of farm fencing will have a split rail appearance, which can be either rough hewn, or finished and painted.

This also gives clients a range of choices for style and for budgets, in order to arrive at the best fit.

Regardless of whether customers need solid farm fence installation for a paddock, or just a rung and post repair on a split rail fence, we can accommodate with quality materials and services.

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Services For Farm Fence Installation

Both terrain and homes around the Houston area have a wide range of styles and applications, which also means that our services for farm fence installation are quite customized.

This becomes dependent upon client needs as well as the geography of the property, but results in the most applicable and attractive farm fence installation that is required.

For traditional split rail fencing, we measure the perimeter of the enclosure, and then set the posts and slot the rails.

Smaller lot enclosures can take as little as a day, although larger properties will take a little longer to complete.

However, in calculating the estimate for cost, we are also able to provide accurate timelines for completion.

Other Services


Whether we completed the original fencing or if you want to replace parts of your fence, here are our other services:

Farm fence repairs

This can range from the replacement of worn or broken posts and beams, but can also include repairs to mesh and wiring on the fences.

Animal enclosures

Farm fence installation for these projects will include the actual design of the enclosure, as well as the construction.

We are able to aid with large and small animal runs and paddocks, which will establish solid boundaries to keep livestock safe.

Decorative farm fence installation

This style of farm fencing includes finished posts and boards, from naturally weather treated to painted.

This style will often be found in residential areas, but also on horse farms and boarding facilities.