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We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.


Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Almost all fences can serve both a decorative and functional purpose, but wrought iron fences do this impeccably.

As a security measure, tall wrought iron fences are difficult to scale and to penetrate, even though they still allow a clear visual of the property.

Many commercial builders in the Houston area opt for wrought iron fencing around housing and apartment complexes.  This offers an added bonus of safety along with the stylistic appeal.

Many residential homes in the Houston area also sport wrought iron fences, as an addition to:

  • • The garden
  • • The property line
  • • Existing wooden fencing
  • • The patio or pool area

These decorative choices can also serve a functional purpose, but many of these options are also customized to client needs.  This includes the design on scrollwork, the slope of the fencing, and even the curvature, if used for a patio or balcony.

Wrought iron fences are a popular addition to many properties, since they visually enhance the home while also setting a strong boundary.

Since they can also be added to existing boundaries for a seamless appeal, they also make for a quick and easy install in many cases.

For anyone who interested in the addition of wrought iron fences, Houston residents should explore the showcase and contact us.

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Services For Wrought Iron Fences


Along with regular installations, JohnSon Fence Ltd. also performs repairs.  In these cases, we will assess the amount of damage, and will also confer with the client on the new fencing, in order to best match or duplicate the existing style.

These repairs can often be a simple task, and will help to preserve the overall beauty and safety of the property.

New fence install

New installations can vary in complexity, based on the terrain and the scope of the project.  For some properties, the fence posts will be seated directly in the ground.  This will often be the case when there is existing landscaping, and the wrought iron fence is intended as a backdrop to this vegetation.  We can seamlessly integrate the fencing into the landscape, without any harm.

Wrought iron fence reinforcement

For some houses, we will need to seat the wrought iron fence in concrete. This can be done as an addition to the decorative barrier, in the form or a curb or riser, but this may also be done as a means of seating the posts in the ground with greater support. However, in assessing the property and our client needs, we can also install the best wrought iron fences Houston residents have seen.